Come down to 411 Bar and Lounge and relax with our great E-shisha Pipes (also know as the Hookah).

It is the modern way of enjoying Shisha without the harmful toxins in a smokeless environment.

We have a fantastic range of sweet relaxing flavours for you and your friends to enjoy.

From the Blueberry to the Classic Strawberry flavour we have something for everyone.

Check out our menu below

411 E-Shisha Menu

Price £19.00

Mint - Cool and refreshing

Melon - Sweet notes of honeydew melon and succulent cantaloupe

Strawberry – A twist of classic strawberries

Blueberry - A sumptuous blueberry flavour

Apple - Classic apple flavour

Citrus Punch - Refreshing burst of oranges, lemons and hints of lime

Refill £12.00

Extra Pipe £10.00

1 e-shisha between 2 people. Maximum use - 2 hours

All our shisha is nicotine free